Rare Records started off as a mail order hobby business around mid-1990, then opened as a small weekend market space at Fairway’s Leisure Market in Cheltenham, which later became DFO. Out-growing that space quite quickly, it moved to the strange suburb of Hughesdale that had approximately 25 retail shops (five of which were hair dressers) and also a hovercraft shop (I’m not kidding!). This opened on February 2nd 1996 and was absolutely chocka-block full of second-hand vinyl, CDs and lots of other rare oddities. By the year 2000 things were starting to really fly along, the client base was growing, we had a lot of great regulars and we were also running out of space.

We started looking for another premises to move to but it was proving difficult to get into the suburbs that we wanted to. Eventually in 2003 we found what we thought was the ideal place but it was not meant to be because just around the corner was the dream space we had been looking for. Upstairs of 82 Acland Street was an awesome shell that was quickly moulded into an incredible looking record store and live music venue which opened its doors on October 29th 2004.

Things were tough at first but the word was quickly getting around that one of the best record stores Melbourne had seen was up and about. The online world had well and truly kicked in a couple of years after opening and the store’s website was growing at a rapid pace and the digital age was rapidly finding its feet which ultimately changed the world for independent record stores of today.

In March 2010 the bricks and mortar store of Rare Records had to say goodbye, but with every door closing another one opens and the new chapter of Rare Records begun. Which brings us up to right now, where we are focusing mainly as an online store but also doing regular record fairs around the country and setting up marquees in every state, at the Soundwave, Big Day Out and other great music festivals.

2014 launches our great new site which has been in the making for quite a while now but its finally here. If you see anything that you think needs improving please let us know as we are always open to any suggestions or even if you just love the site and want to tell us please do so as we would love to hear from you.

Happy shopping and all the best from the Rare Records team.