Big Day Out 1995 Band Album Art

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Full Colour, Glossy, Has ‘Big Day Out’ Title. Also Has Images Of ‘Fur’, ‘The Offspring’, ‘Luscious Jackson’, ‘Fun-Da-Mental’, ‘The Mark Of Cain’, ‘Magic Dirt’, ‘Front End Loader’ And ‘Cosmic Psychos’ Albums/EPs, And A Performer List Featuring ‘Glide’, ‘Screamfeeder’, ‘PowderMonkeys’, ‘The Dirty Three’, ‘TISM’, ‘Foil’, ‘Bodyjar’, ‘Budd’, ‘Snout’, ‘The Melniks’, ‘Ice Cream Hands’ And ‘Spiderbait’.
Approx. 16 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ In Size.

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