So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes

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Side A Tracks:

1. It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
2. Kids Of The K-Hole
3. Murder The Government
4. Monosyllabic Girl
5. 180 Degrees
6. All His Suits Are Torn
7. All Outta Angst
8. I’m Telling Tim
9. Champs Elysées

Side B Tracks:

1. Dad’s Bad News
2. Kill Rock Stars
3. Eat The Meek
4. The Desperation’s Gone
5. Flossing A Dead Horse
6. Quart In Session
7. Falling In Love

Please note: Sleeve is EX.

The sleeve has a small ding on the back right bottom corner.
The damage is not noticeable from the front of the sleeve.
If this damage did not occur the sleeve would be graded as MINT.
The damage caused was by poor packaging in transit from our distributor overseas.

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