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    Product Description

    Side A Disc 1:

    1. Intro
    2. Electric Uncle Sam
    3. Natural Joe
    4. Laquer Head
    5. The Antipop

    Side B Disc 1:

    1. Eclectic Electric
    2. Greet The Sacred Cow

    Side A Disc 2:

    1. Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
    2. Dirty Drowning Man
    3. Ballad Of Bodacious

    Side B Disc 2:

    1. Power Mad
    2. The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky
    3. Coattails Of A Dead Man
    4. The Heckler

    Please note: sleeve is EX

    There is a small ding on one of the corners due to poor packing from our distributer from overseas.

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