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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Product Description

Side A tracks:
1. He’s Here For Us
2. A Long Ride Ahead
3. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
4. Trust Goes Both Ways
5. When Has Become Now
6. Jedha Arrival
7. Jedha City Ambush

Side B tracks:
1. Star-Dust
2. Confrontation On Eadu
3. Krennic’s Aspirations
4. Rebellions Are Built On Hope

Side C tracks:
1. Rogue One
2. Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
3. Scrambling The Rebel Fleet
4. AT-ACT Assault
5. The Master Switch

Side D tracks:
1. Your Father Would Be Proud
2. Hope
3. Jyn Erso & Hope Suite
4. The Imperial Suite
5. Guardians Of The Whills Suite

NOTE: Photo of item is slightly faint due to glare from plastic seal. Item is brand new. Rare Records takes original photos of all their stock.

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