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Action Against Cruelty


Full Advance Promo - Double CD - Includes Bio - Jewel Case With Back Insert Only - Click Title To See Songs And Artists Featured On This Release

  • Label: Helltrack,MGM
  • Catalog Number: HELL01
  • Made in: Australia
  • Media quality: Very Good +
  • Package quality: Mint

Disc One Tracks:
1. The Hole (Frankenbok)
2. Tightrope (Time In Malta)
3. Not Quite Hell (Shot Point Blank)
4. Forever (Downset)
5. Plaster Cast (Horsell Common)
6. After You (live) (Mid Youth-Crisis)
7. Universal (This Time Tomorrow)
8. My Old Friend (The Last Year)
9. You Can't Kill Integrity (Throwdown)
10. When Goodbye Means Forever (I Killed The Prom Queen)
11. Bastard Shit Bastard (Zombie Apocalypse)
12. Pull Your Head In (The Critics)
13. Stranger (Mere Theory)
14. Glorified Hellfire (New Settlement Rogue)
15. Nathan Ate The Last Box Of Crayons (With Resistance)
16. Washed Up (live) (The Promise)
17. Born Is The Enemy (Daysend)
18. Blood Rusted Choke Wire (Means To An End)
19. Decoy Like Curves (Hopesfall)
Disc Two Tracks:
1. Two Reasons Why (Mindsnare)
2. Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire (Bleeding Through)
3. Red Ceiling (Armsbendback)
4. Frankie Machine (Solea)
5. Song For Sense (Trial Kennedy)
6. As The Last Light Drains (Valkyrie) (Freya)
7. As Far As Mothers Go (Away From Now)
8. Detached (Prong)
9. The Sound Of Your Voice (Brisk)
10. Worst Case Scenario (Day Of Contempt)
11. Pieces Of You In Me (Poison The Well)
12. Stutter (Two Thousand Mavericks)
13. 100 Years (Another Way)
14. Pure (Enemy Of?)
15. 11th Street (Open Hand)
16. Believing Drama (Naiad)
17. First Contact (Alchemist)
18. With Horses In Her Eyes, She Spat Like A Wildcat (Love Like...Electrocution)
19. Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down (Glasseater)