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Building Records Presents 60 Songs


Double CD - Jewel Case With Front And Back Inserts - Click On Title To See Songs And Artists Featured On This Release

  • Label: Building
  • Catalog Number: BUR015
  • Made in: United States
  • Released: 2003
  • Media quality: Very Good +
  • Package quality: Near Mint

Disc One Tracks:
1. And Then The Chuds Came (Daughters)'
2. Static (Bright Calm Blue)
3. Five Days Of Shit (Deadstare)
4. The Process Is Set (Kaospilot)
5. 44 (Division Of Laura Lee)
6. Tips For Avoiding The Clap.One. I Wouldn't Piss On A Scorpion If It Was On Fire (Love Like Electrocution)
7. Herald Scum (Identify Theft)
8. Sliding Scale (Bats And Mice)
9. Beautiful Corpses (Ed Gein)
10. Who's Driving This Thing Anyway? (Four Hundred Year)
11. Churches And Bridges (Charcoal Human)
12. Action Items (Pilot To Gunner)
13. I Think I Know Where Elvis Lives (You And I)
14. In Harms Way (Fing Fang Foom)
15. Distress Of Ignorance (Envy)
16. Girls, Girls, Girls (Iron Sausage)
17. Dreaming In Dog Years (The Red Chord)
18. Neck On B1 (Melt Banana)
19. Drones Dream (Bird Blobs)
20. I Am Hiphop (St Albans Kids)
21. Afternoon (The Cassettes)
22. Constant Nonsense (Blood Like Water)
23. Rogue Rodeo (Crestfallen)
24. Last Name (Maximillian Colby)
25. A Martyr Apartment (Staying At Home)
26. High Maintenance (Transistor Transistor)
27. Some Call It Vertigo (Syndicate)
28. It's A Beauty (Off Minor)
29. Looking Back On The Way You Want To Be In The Future (Neil Perry)
30. Landscapes (Blacksea)

Disc Two Tracks:
1. Fortune Teller (Hot Cross)
2. Wet To Dance (North Of America)
3. Crow Quill (Circle Takes The Square)
4. The Flitcraft Case (Light The Fuse And Run)
5. The Meaning Of Life (The Spitz)
6. When Tyrants Orate (Conation)
7. Autonomous (Oil)
8. Fighting On The Streets (Upside Down Flag)
9. Grendel (Tyranny Of Shaw)
10. Nanomachines Are In My Bloodstream (A Trillian Bamacle Lapse)
11. Fungry (Rah Bras)
12. It Would Not Have Altered, In Any Way, Our Decision To Participate In This Operation (Limit Of Shunt)
13. Songbird (Engine Down)
14. She's Heroin (The Now)
15. Red Dragons (The Stockholm Syndrome)
16. Dead Men (Shikari)
17. Name And Number (Stop It!)
18. I Wanna Sex You (Mr. Hyde And Jekyll)
19. Dismembered With Paper Cuts (The Pure Evil Trio)
20. Music Is Done (Mannequin)
21. A Heart Filled Reaction To Dissatisfaction (City Of Caterpillar)
22. Summary Treatment (Forstella Ford)
23. Home (Days Of Iris)
24. Stranger (Mere Theory)
25. Know Something (Mid Youth Crisis)
26. 30 Equals (Sleepytime Trio)
27. Well-Carbonated Moral Compass (Pinebender)
28. Pride, Honour, Loyalty And All I Hate About Hardcore (Far Left Limit)
29. Forces Of Habit (A Days Refrain)
30. Your Face Is A Rape Scene (Pageninetynine)