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Rubber: The 1996 Rubber Records Sampler


Black Jewel Case - Click Title To See Artists & Songs Featured On This CD

  • Label: Rubber
  • Catalog Number: RUB PR 001
  • Made in: Australia
  • Media quality: Excellent
  • Package quality: Very Good

1. Firesale (Even)
2. Bye (Icecream Hands)
3. Touch Me I'm Famous (Ricaine)
4. Nothin' Nut The Radio On (Acer)
5. Now That (Liquor Giants)
6. If You Like (The Genes)
7. Beautiful Talented Dead (Sherry Rich)
8. Shit Times (Melonman)
9. All I Need (Even)
10. Disappearing Ink (Beatmiser)
11. Soberside (Icecream Hands)
12. Trying To Write A Love Song (Sherry Rich)
13. This Could Be (Acer)
14. Squeeze My Melon Baby Till The Goose Runs Up My Leg (Melonman)